Alix Hughes discusses the link and Sustainable Development Goals with Diane Abbott

“Bristol Link with Beira’s executive member Alix Hughes was invited to take part in a round table discussion recently with the Shadow Secretary of State for International Development, Diane Abbott during her visit to Bristol in support of Marvin Rees’s campaign to become the next elected Mayor of Bristol. Alix was able to raise issues around using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a vehicle for highlighting our work with Mozambique. He also suggested the SDGs could be used as a measure for an annual State of Bristol address by the next Mayor as they now apply to the UK as well as to developing countries, unlike the former MDGs. Marvin Rees has been a supporter of the Link with Beira for several years going back to his work with the TearFund NGO and his programme on Radio Bristol which regularly covered issues relating to development and our work in Mozambique.”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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