Guns and gas – the first year for a new Mozambican president, public talk by Joseph Hanlon

“Guns and gas – the first year for a new Mozambican president”



5pm Tuesday 12 April 2016

Venue : the Old Council Chamber, (Room 1.11)

Wills Memorial Building, Queens Rd.


Joseph Hanlon is both a journalist and a development researcher which he has combined in more than a dozen books on southern Africa and on aid and development. His 2010 book Just Give Money to the Poor on cash transfers (child benefit, non-contributory pension, etc) is on the Guardian 2011 list of “Development studies: Key first-year reads” and has been influential in changing the view that poor countries could not afford social protection. Joseph has been writing about Mozambique since 1978, and is now the most cited social science academic on Mozambique. Joseph was also policy advisor of the Jubilee 2000 campaign to cancel the debt of the poorest countries by the year 2000.

ABSTRACT: Filipe Nyusi has faced a set of challenges in his first year as president of Mozambique. The armed opposition, Renamo, has gone back to war, while keeping its seats in parliament; negotiations are stalled as both side prove inflexible. Falling gas prices raise questions about the use of the huge gas reserves; like Britain in the 1980s, will Mozambique waste the opportunity to use the income wisely? Crony capitalism and a dubious $850 million bond issue are causing more problems. The economy continues to grow, but poverty is not being reduced. And former president Armando Guebuza is trying to wield power behind the scenes. Nevertheless, the post-independence generation is taking control and there are hints of change.

There will be a drinks reception afterwards.

This is a co-hosted event between the University of Bristol and the Bristol Link with Beira which has been working in Mozambique since the late 1980s and grew out of the Bristol Anti-Apartheid Movement. Bristol’s official twinning with Beira, Mozambique’s third city, was formally signed in 1990 and over the years a range of solidarity, education, health, environment and commercial initiatives have taken place. The BLB also works closely with the University to offer placements in Beira for students of Portuguese.

The event is free and everyone is welcome.

Ffi Dr. Elizabeth Fortin

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