Route des Vins 2018

Hello everyone,

This is the first of our many news letters in this new year. The entire team wishes you all the best.

We are already busy back at work and have already hosted two wine tasting events. One on the open day of our school and the second one with the twinning comity Bristol Bordeaux.

We are going to look for fresh wine donations on Thursday, I have informed the team about the tips on the white wines that you gave in your last e-mail. We have not made a decision on whether or not we are going to bring the bottles up a month earlier. I have informed the team and we have started to take photos of the bottles. I will send all the photos together so that we don’t miss any and that way the cellar master is less hassled and can start preparing the catalogue without any problems

Furthermore, we held a conference and tasting at the school with a spokesperson from LVMH representing Hennessey cognac. We all really enjoined this experience they gave us a few bottles of Hennessey as well. Since it was quite successful and also a win win situation, we are going to host another event with Hennessy when the second years come back from their internships.

I have joined to this email a few photos of our recent events.

Kindest regards

Jake ENNIS for la Route des VinsFichier_001 IMG_3792

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