Bristol signed a friendship agreement with Beira in Mozambique on 11 December 1990. Developed from the Anti-Apartheid movement in the 80s, the Bristol-Beira partnership has been established with the aim to promote lasting peace and development, and enhance understanding between the two cities.

During the past 20 years, Bristol and Beira have established a strong link through education programmes, cultural events and development work.

Bristol Link with Beira organises projects and activities, promoting understanding of Beira in Bristol and contributing to the development of Beira. The link also involves exchange visits, joint educational work, cultural events, financial appeals and donation of equipment.

We are members of the Britain Mozambique Society and work closely with the Mozambique High Commission and the British High Commission in Maputo.

Work with Beira

Education: an agreement of assistance has been signed by the Directors of Education for Bristol and Beira. Local schools – Luckwell Primary, St Bernadette’s Primary, Clifton High School and Colston Primary – are linked with sister schools in Beira. There are teacher exchanges between schools, which helps to share good practice and joint projects; for example, understanding the lives of children in their respective communities.

Exchanges and linking

BLB is an active member of the Bristol International Twinnings Association and is one of the seven formal twinnings Bristol has with the world. Several exchanges have taken place between elected council representatives, officers, teachers, and other people supporting the Link.


Working closely with Bristol and Beira City Councils, the Link has been able to fund school buildings and renovation, education equipment, disability projects, and a women’s organisation, Amai Mussananhi.