Linking schools: Colstons Primary School, Luckwell Primary School, and St Bernadette’s Primary and Junior School are linked with sister schools in Beira and have benefited from teacher exchanges.

Clifton High School is linked with the 1st May nursery in Beira.

Children from both cities are helped to understand the lives of each other through projects supported by the BLB and volunteer placements.

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Learning disability: the BLB has brought together the Brandon Trust and Accrideme to provide facilities and support for people with a learning disability in Beira. This is a five-year funded project which will see the building of a resource centre in Beira with the Trust providing advice and ongoing support to people with a learning disability and their families and carers.

Mobility: work between BLB and Motivation supported by a small local Bristol charity, the Maureen Oswin Trust, has seen technicians from Beira trained in Tanzania in wheelchair construction and maintenance. Following the training, technicians have been offered employment by Social Services in Beira.

Forestry: BLB is working with youth group Adjomac and a local entrepreneur to develop a forestry project and tree nursery in Beira. This would create a sustainable source of wood and provide work and other resources for local people.

Women: BLB, supported by Bristol ACTSA (Action for Southern Africa) continues to work with the women’s organisation Amai Musshanani. Thanks to this support, Amai now own their own land and can provide a secure environment for its work with children orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS.

To mark International Women’s Day in 2009, BLB commissioned a short film of women talking about their lives in Beira.

Young People: BLB has been working with the youth group Adjomac both on its forestry project and in providing funds and training for a bottle-cutting project. This will enable the group to recycle glass bottles into crafts that will fund their activities.

Visits: The ever-popular Mozambican musician and storyteller, Celso Paco, is a regular visitor to Bristol. Celso works with schools, choirs and other groups telling stories and teaching songs.

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